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I discovered lifestyle medicine in my mid-40s, when the meds I was taking for anxiety

and depression stopped working. With the help of some great teachers, I learned to manage my symptoms with exercise and mind-body skills, including meditation, biofeedback, and visualization. These tools also helped me reverse 15 years of undiagnosed pelvic floor pain that turned out to be stress-related. Armed with a new-found appreciation for the link between lifestyle and health, I started noticing that my joints hurt when I ate certain foods and my mood and energy plummeted when I ate others. I cut back on the foods that left me feeling achy, crabby, or sleepy and started walking as my primary form of exercise. As I've gotten older, I've added stretching and strength-building, which make a big difference in my mobility. I've tweaked my caffeine and alcohol habits, because they affect my sleep. Reiki has become my primary spiritual practice, keeping me grounded and resilient.

The body-mind is marvelously complex, but a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be. Our bodies tell us what they need and when they are out of balance. We just need to learn to listen. I don't believe a person needs to purchase special products to be healthy. Nor do I think there is one "best" diet or exercise routine that works for everyone. We are all bio-individual, and what is best for you is whatever works for you. Listen to your body.

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Jana French is a certified Health and Wellness Coach, with additional certification in Lifestyle Medicine
and advanced training with the Center for Mind-Body Medicine. Drawing on current research and evidence-based practices, she supports clients who want to optimize their physical and mental health through lifestyle change.
Her clients learn to manage, and sometimes reverse, the symptoms of chronic conditions, including type-2 diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, depression, and anxiety. Some just want to feel stronger or sleep better. She has a special interest in working with neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ individuals and anyone else looking to use lifestyle to feel more centered, calm, and resilient in a challenging world.

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